Data Transporter

Initial Backup

Do you have a large initial backup of servers, desktops and laptops? That can be a lot of data for anyone and initial backups can take a long time. This is where blocz Data Transporter comes into play to get your data quickly and safely to one of the blocz data centres by providing an off-line backup.

Large Restore

If the worst should happen and you lose more than just a few files or you are just setting up a new environment, blocz Data Transporter can also be used to securely retrieve all or part of your data.

How does it work

blocz Data Transporter is highly secure with two levels of encryption. The first set of encryption keys is used to encrypt your data so, as always, your data is secure at rest. The second set is used to encrypt your data again and these keys are forwarded to our systems so that your data can be verified when it reaches us. This is a one-time method that cannot be repeated for security reasons as our systems then delete these keys once used.

When you take the blocz Data Transportation service it is shipped out to you overnight and once the initial backup or restore is complete, simply place the Transporter back in its box and we will ship it back to the required data centre.

The blocz Data Transporter is based on the storage size you require and works on Windows, Linux and Mac and is available to all blocz IO customers and partners.

Size Price (one-off)
1TB £150
2TB £225
4TB £400
6TB £500