Edge cloud

edgeCloud is our game changing cloud deployed at the very edge of the network, and when we say the edge, we mean the edge!

With humanities data consumption and data footprint doubling every 18 months, it’s clear that backhauling large amounts of data from relatively few large data centres isn’t a solution that is going to scale beyond where it is today, the infrastructure of the internet simply cannot cope!

As founding members of the Open Grid Alliance we are rearchitecting the internet for tomorrow’s decentralised, web3 world. We are deploying infrastructure to support both web2 and web3 applications at the very edge of the network, literally on the street where data is created, consumed, and lives! With each location supported by ultra-low latency fibre and 5G connectivity, and a regional edge data centre providing the local archive tier, edgeCloud is the ideal solution for any latency sensitive applications, such as Smart Cities: Content Delivery Networks, edge aware dApps, Open Metaverse, and traditional web2 applications where proximity to customers is key!

Capable of delivering both traditional web2 applications, such as industry trusted VMware Cloud, and bleeding edge web3 applications such as: Compute Over Data, dApps, decentralised compute and storage, blocz edgeCloud is the perfect choice for anyone transitioning from web2 to web3, deploying web3 apps, or looking to position themselves ahead of the web3 curve.

We’re currently deploying into London and Las Vegas, but with hundreds of more locations being deployed across the UK, US, and EU, blocz edgeCloud is the perfect partner for all your latency sensitive web2 and web3 edge requirements, globally!