Private Edge

blocz Private Edge Cloud gives you all the benefits of a cloud environment, but without the risk of noisy neighbours, and higher levels of security thanks to dedicated hardware that’s yours alone to use!

Built on industry leading VMware, you benefit from rock solid virtualisation solutions for your own, highly secure, cloud platform that’s ideal for many requirements.

blocz Private Cloud solutions allows you to architect a fully software defined data centre (SDDC) using software defined networking (SDN), storage (SDS), and virtual machines (VMs). For maximum flexibility, blocz Private Cloud can span multiple locations, globally, giving you the ability to position your resources where they are needed most, and where latency is an important consideration.

Do you have a network sensitive business, such as VoIP, and need dedicated network infrastructure in addition to servers and storage? No problem, blocz can help with that to, all hosted in our secure, ISO-certified, high-performance data centres.

The blocz Private Cloud is the perfect platform for business applications with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency. Compatible with your existing VMware environments, blocz cloud provides easy migration and integration into your existing business processes.