edgeStor is our game changing decentralised cloud storage deployed around the globe at the very edge of the network!

Massively scalable with performance tiers to suit all requirements, edgeStor is incredibly cost-effective, especially at the archive tier where the majority of business data resides!

Working with partners around the globe we take a decentralised approach to storing data. Customers are able to geo-pin to specific locations or replicate to wherever they chose, ensuring their data is always where they need it the most!

By working with trusted partners, our decentralised approach provides additional security in the sense that no single supplier becomes a single point of failure, hence protecting against every possibly outage, whatever the cause. In addition, using blockchain based technology, all partners have to prove they are holding original copies of the data every 24 hours, thus ensuring existence and integrity of our client’s data. For this reason, the network of which edgeStor is a part of is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for some of humanities most valuable data.

With bullet proof encryption options available, immutable archive, and multiple replicas, edgeStor is the obvious choice for business-critical data!